subVert lottery

sharkwheel-design: Thomas Hvass, photo: Volker Lux

Welcome to the subVert lottery, which we installed before releasing Nicky Guerrero's signature sharkwheels.
We have 1 main prize and 19 others, like Avenue Trucks, Sharkwheels, Juice Magazines, Skatersocks, subVert laser griptapes, subVert speedsperms, Confusion Magazines, Bulletproof Kevlar laces. Burly Recaps and vouchers for the subVert store! Maybe also other stuff you find at
In order to keep your chance to win something at 1:50 (!!) we will draw lots as soon as 999 people entered the lottery. We will keep you updated how many skaters are still missing to start the lottery.
Of course, even though subVert is not a global player, we also do all that lottery stuff to promote our business. But: subVert is driven by a vert skater, who's only goal is to build at least 1 great indoor vert ramp. Volker Lux built his first vert ramp in 1986 and Europe's biggest in 1991 in Bonn and wants to have this repeated before he turns 50! Here we go! ;-)
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